Wednesday, February 3, 2010

in the confession booth

I have a confession: I think Star Wars is boring.
Most of my friends already know this. I have finally decided to come clean to the world after years of deception. Everyone I knew loved the movies. I faked my way through watching the movies tring to get lines to quote. I bought tons of junk. I bought any Yoda doll I came across and stickers that I covered my binder with. I pretended to have crushes on Han and Luke but most of all I watched those movies a lot.

I remember telling one of my friends (who actually did do this) that I was going to get a tattoo of the rebel symbol. This would be the equivalent of me getting a Pride and Prejudice tattoo. Luckily by the time I was invited to watch Pride and Prejudice I didn't feel like I needed to like the same things to be friends with someone.

I don't feel like I have better taste in movies than anyone. I seem to like any artsy or literary foreign film or animated movie for children. But my rule for all film: If it's not funny I usually don't like it.

* Spencer edits my blogs before I post them. "Star Wars is funny!" he says, sounding pretty upset.

"Was it every time I was nodding off?" I ask.

Spencer you knew what I was when you picked me up!


Zachary said...

You should talk to my sister Bridgett...she's never even seen any of the movies and has no desire to do so. She has made it clear on that point for years.

But good for you for standing up for your opinion!

Analiese said...

same here

Rebecca said...

Star Wars isn't really that funny.

It's just so awesome it can get away with not being funny. Maybe you'd like it if they remade it and did it as an avant-garde cartoon in German.

Chrissy said...

You know Becca, I think I liked the Star Wars cartoon that came out in like 2003-ish.

whitney said...

Yeah...not that funny. They're...ok...mostly.

Confession: absolutely dislike The Lord of the Rings saga. sorry.

Sarah Jane said...

say 7 hail Marys and touch your nose

I hated Star Wars until my 20's. Now I will watch and love them only if I've waited long enough to forget them.

Once I faked life too, but I was caught

A friend ask me if I liked SKA
I said, "Yeah I've heard them a few times"

Mark Nott said...

that's alright
I hate Shakespeare and The Beatles

Holdinator said...

Star Wars may not be funny, but your allusion to the parable of the dude who picked up the snake sure was.

Chelsea said...

OMG, I fell asleep trying to watch the Star Wars movies, and there are all these parts where they're just standing around, not even doing anything...