Sunday, January 17, 2010

Laughing all the way

Big sis has always been a mama's girl. Mom had to be the last person to kiss her goodbye before she went to school. If my dad kissed her last she would have to go get another one from my mom.

So my brother started the "I hate you daddy" mimic where we exaggerated everything big sis did into meaning, I hate you daddy.

It was nice because:
A. It infuriated my sister.
B. It made me look great.

I thought if my dad thought my sister hated him then by default I would be his favorite.

My older sister came home from college and was eating dinner with my family. As a recent development my dad would sometimes choke when food was too spicy (everything is fine now; that's not a problem.)

No one had told my sister about this so when my dad make choking noises my sister thought my dad was joking that the food was terrible. Big sis started to laugh and laugh. It lasted a little longer then it should have.

So as my dad choked and listened to the laughter of his eldest daughter he thought, 'oh shit, she really does hate me.'

*Author's note: For those of you who don't know my dad, this would not be an accurate description if I had left out the 'oh shit.'

Random thought:
About a year ago I drove to church and saw that there would be a tea party in Bellingham. I was super excited and wished Adia was a little older so she could have tea without needing it in a sippy cup. I thought about how great Bellingham was for having these free events but wondered why it was held at a Walmart parking lot and not in one of the many beautiful parks. I saw the event the next week. Wrong kind of tea party. Sometimes I think I really need to get a TV.


Zachary said...

Yep...I can picture your Dad saying that...and your sister laughing. Sorry about the Tea Party :)

Holdinator said...

I hate it when I laugh too long.

Spencer Ellsworth said...

I am glad you made your dad sound authentic. There is no CleanFlicks version of James Nelson.

Analiese said...

That is so true.

whitney said...

I had to laugh at the tea party story. That is sooo something I would do. I'm so out of it sometimes. It always takes me forever to hear about any sorts of news.

Analiese said...

Wait what kind of tea party was it then?

Chrissy said...

Ana, the tea party at Walmart was to protest no more taxes, or they don't want higher taxes. Anyway there is a lack of cookies and tea so what's the point?

Katie said...

Someday when Adia is a little older...can we please go to have high tea in Victoria? It would be so much fun! It will be my treat!