Sunday, February 28, 2010

The girl with the rub on dragon tattoo

This will most likely be a boring post. When it comes to my kid I have no idea what's entertaining and what isn't.

Adia climbed into my bed around 4 am wiggling and kicking more then the baby trappedin my uterus.

I got fed up with my lack of sleep and asked her if she wanted me to go back to her room so we could talk about what was scaring her. I thought I would figure out if it was something in her room.

"Is there something in here that scares you?" I asked once we were settled in her room.

"Nothing in my room is scary," she says. "There's a dragon who is my friend and talks to me."

"What color is he?"

"His eyes are pink and his squares (think she means scales) are purple and his hand are purple and he has toesies and feet and his sticks (think she means spikes?) are purple and he has a tail... and wings. He's nice."

"Is he big or little"

He's big and there is a little dragon who is nice too and a yellow dragon is shy."

"When did you first see them."

"When they were happy... They live in a big hole and they come out and make scary things go away... Scary things like alligators and Tinkerbell."

"Wait, Tinkerbell is scary?" She's never seen Peter Pan but she has me read the picture book quite often.

"Yeah when she's mad."

We talked about it and she caught Spencer and I watching the special features on the making of Pushing daisies. I tried to explain that it's a halloween show where people dress up. She loves Halloween and wants to check out books and movies (Max and Ruby) about Halloween. I guess it didn't work the makeup job just looks too good on that show.


Holdinator said...

I saw your note on facebook about this post. And yes, it is good.

By the way, you have a lot more patience at 4 in the morning than I do.

Zachary said...

Your posts are always entertaining!

Alicia said...

That is nice that you would talk to her in the early hours. I am afraid of Tinkerbell and all fairies because they are fence sitters, sometimes good, sometimes bad depending on their mood. Can't be trusted.

Rebecca said...

I miss that kid. What a whack job.

whitney said...

Definitely entertaining. Wow, I can't even believe all the imagination in that little body.