Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Get back to work

These are random and not related:

Last night I heard scratching at my bedroom window. This is odd since I live on the 2nd story. It was a big fat raccoon. I have no idea how his chubby body was able to scale the house.

When I was little my brother use to try and convince me that I was adopted. I secretly hoped he was right. My true parents were royal and had to give me up because that is what royalty does.

My mom thought freckles were the ultimate sign of beauty so when she was a little girl she use to paint them on. This isn't a picture of my mom; it's Adia.

It drives me crazy when I meet mothers who obsess over keeping clothes on dolls. Kids are curious about bodies and there isn't anything dirty of perverted about that. When I was 5 or 6 I was looking through my mom's medical books and found an illustration of a naked man. I hurried the book to my mom thinking she would flip.

"That's what the male body looks like," she told me. "There is nothing wrong with that but please don't show your friends. Some mothers don't want their children to see that yet."

I don't remember what that picture looked like and I never pulled out that book again but I was really comforted by the thought that I could talk to my mom about sexuality without her freaking out or thinking I was dirty.

One morning when Spencer was getting Adia out of her crib she was so excited to tell him:
"Ariel came into my room, she took my money and flew out the window!"


Rebecca said...

That is a GREAT picture. And Ariel is a thieving whore.

Spencer Ellsworth said...

Ariel has a problem. We should be more supportive, I suppose, but it's tough when I'm standing in line at Starbucks and realize my wallet is empty save for sand.

Raych said...

Okay fine, I'll let my girls take the clothes off their new barbies!!!

whitney said...

First off, LOVE the picture. It's adorable.

Second off, I totally, completely agree w/the whole body/nakedness issue. It was something that we were pretty open about in my family and I've always been so grateful for it.

Chrissy said...

Raych, sorry I wasn't talking about you I promise. I understand you get the new toys for your kids and you don't want them naked and headless within a month.

Emily said...

First of all, that picture is a prize-winner, not to mention the girl in the center of it!

I am impressed (not for first time) with your mother's wonderful teaching to you, just as a result of who she was/is.

It seems like you are one of the few who is blogging lately. Thank you! I am going through to see what's new, but I haven't gotten to everyone yet.