Saturday, November 9, 2013

10 years

Today is the day ten years ago that Spencer and I started dating.

We planned to go out for it. I figured we were going to see Thor 2.
Spencer asked me to pick him up from band practice and we would head out from there. When I went to pick him up he had his bandmates played a song from the band we saw on our first date.
I really didn't think we were doing anything.

He planned to recreate what we did the first week we were dating.
When we first met he saw that I had a Marvel calendar. He said "oh cool, I like comics."I wasn't sure if he was just trying to impress me, so I asked him where this picture was from:

(it had no title or authors on the picture) 

He knew it was the Wolverine Orgin story and who the writers were. So I took him to the comic store I was going to. This is when we started to hang out a lot.

On the second stop on our date we went to the comic store where the guys there planned a quiz. They were to quiz him and he needed to prove that he was still worthy to be with me. There were some really hard ones like "Where in the DC universe does the giant penny come from...." Anyone reading know without using google?

This is him getting the giant penny question wrong. 

We went to WWU and he read some poems to me. We did that ten years ago but on the BYU campus. 

Here we are paler, older but I have much straighter teeth. Yay adult braces!

I've looked at other "mommy blogs" and have wondered the perfectly coiffed children, the fairy tale relationship and immaculate house full of Martha stewart quality crafts up celebrating each holiday.

Let me clarify some things: The night before this date we weren't even talking to each other we couldn't say two words without boxing gloves coming out. That's what I love most about being with Spencer.


Spencer Ellsworth said...

I love you. Here's to a thousand more years and increasingly elaborate anniversary dates.

Rebecca said...

I don't know why I'm so sad that Spencer got the penny question wrong.

Chrissy said...

Me too Rebecca.

All right Spencer in ten years we make a replica of the different cities and make little dolls of everyone involved Conny, Aaron even Etu and mix them with Jeff, Eric, Roman and Dawnette and recreate it in stop motion. Actually I think stop motion looks creepy....