Saturday, November 9, 2013

Tiny people

In college there was this guy who wanted to impress me. So, when we were hanging he asked me if I wanted to see his Star Wars toy collection.

Honestly, who, after knowing a girl for about 4 hours asks her to see his Star Wars toy collection hoping that the magic of his plastic toys would make her swoon and desire to date him?
This guy is going someplace he has an R2D2 full of tiny people!

I hate Star Wars..... I HhhhaaAATTttTEE it.
My friends really loved the movies and I tried, I honestly did. But I think it's boring.

I couldn't refuse this invitation.
It's been 10 years now since I went on a first date with Spencer.
I still hate Star Wars.

(There is also a shoe box with more)
Ohh and for our date we saw a band called 'The Anniversary' which since has been very appropriate.


Alicia said...

That's funny. Happy Anniversary!

Andrea said...

Happy anniversary! (I hate Star Wars, too. I fall asleep every single time.)