Monday, July 18, 2011

R. R. Muffins

Spencer has waited six years to read the latest George R. R. Martin book, "Dancing Song Dragon Sword Ice Game."
Several days ago I made him these to enjoy his book.
The R's stand for Raspberry and Rhubarb.
I really enjoyed these books as well but I didn't want to keep reading after the red wedding. I feel like there is so much drama already in my life I don't want my entertainment to torment me.

Speaking of, I haven't written in well over a year since having my new baby and my parent's divorce. There was a lot going on and whenever I thought about making a post it was really preachy.


Rebecca said...

I wish you wouldn't use your blog as a forum to preach about muffins.

Holdinator said...

I really like the book title.