Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I am your king

I feel so lucky to live where I do.

We had a home visit from the midwife yesterday. There were some rather personal exams to do. So after all the outside work was done Spencer took Adia out of the room and the midwife and I fished the rest of the exam.

Later Adia wanted to play midwife and mommy.

"What's your midwife name?" I asked Adia wondering if she would pretend to be Kim, her nursery teacher.

"Fishy Turtle King, but others call me Katelyn." She said this like it was something I would recognize.

We checked blood pressure and listened to the heartbeat.

"Okay now the scary part," said Adia.

"What scary part?" I asked.

"The part where the midwife puts on the gloves." (This was the last thing Adia saw as she left the room.)

I couldn't think of what to tell Adia. The truth seemed way too complicated to explain plus I don't want her to play that kind of midwife and mommy with her friends. So I told Adia the midwife had to take some blood samples. It also seemed like someone who held the name of Fishy Turtle King would be an expert at drawing blood.

On another note: Mormons believe there is still more great knowledge to come. My sister has a theory that it is how to live as a global community.

I found this video last night about our empathetic civilization. I found it very beautiful and thought on what my sister said.

I really love this idea of viewing everyone as your countryman.


Sarah Jane said...

Love that video! Thanks for sharing,

Zachary said...

Good post! Love the midwife story. Good call and telling her it was to take some blood samples. That also requires gloves.

Spencer Ellsworth said...

my pediatrician says it's always the scary part when the gloves come on.

whitney said...

Thanks so much for sharing the video, I just loved it. It was so interesting. LOL at the midwife story! I agree, probably don't want her imitating the "gloved parts" with her little pretend mommy friends.