Monday, April 12, 2010

Why are you even talking to me?

Me: Adia, why are you naked?
Adia: Cause I am.
Me: Sorry for asking such a stupid question.

I'm already being sassed my her. Guess I need to take back the pink backpack birthday gift and get that Prada bag she wanted.

I haven't written for a while since there have been too many things going on that would reduce me to ranting rather then what ever else I do here.
I drove to Utah and saw my little sister give birth which was beautiful but her hospital and staff were so barbaric and cruel.
My older sister moved so I was helping her pack and get rid of stuff (into my closet.) Her daughter and mine are best friends and I love my sister. This is going to be a hard move. It's great to have a friend you can fight with and it means nothing the next day.

Adia got to call her cousin where the conversation was mainly Adia telling Eva how much she liked grapes. I wish I could call people tell how much I love kombucha (pregnancy craving) and have them in tears because they don't understand why I am not over there hanging out with them.


Sarah Jane said...

I would enjoy your rants. Unless it's about me - which it wouldn't be but that's the only rant I wouldn't enjoy..

whitney said...

I laughed at how you helped your sister get rid of her stuff...into your closet. My sisters and I do that all. the. time. I swear, every time one of us moves, it's like a free garage sale.

I wouldn't mind your rants one bit either :)

Oh, and just curious...which Ut hospital did your sister give birth at?

Spencer Ellsworth said...

Chrissy's rants are actually quite tasteful... except the one about Sarah Jane.

Monica said...

I think your girlie and mine would get along very well with their Prada bags. I'm in awe just how girly mine is. :)

Rebecca said...

I'm beginning to think my sisters and I got it wrong - how come we don't fight or trade clothes?

Also, I feel homesick for Bellingham when I read your blog.