Sunday, September 15, 2013

Sunday school

Spencer asked, "so now that I've showed you a couple of Star Trek episodes do you like it more than Star Wars?" (I don't like Star Wars.)
"ha! you're a nerd now"
"yep," I sighed. "You got me."
"I'm like your modern day Zeezrom… By the way when was the last time you read the Book of Mormon all the way through?"
"When I was 12."
"I've read it more recently than you," said Spencer.
"Look who's still going to church," I tell him triumphantly. "I bet you feel silly now."

Spencer gives me a confused look.


Holdinator said...

He didn't offer you any onties of silver to like Star Trek, so I don't think he's really your Zeezrom. If he really is, though, watch out, because he will come down with a serious fever here pretty soon.

Chrissy said...

ha ha ha well done, Holdiway