Monday, November 23, 2009

You stigare me

Adia and I were having a tea party cause Adia hates taxes.

Just kidding.

It was the happy kind of tea parties, where tea is hurled all over the room and whole cookies are shoved in mouths in without chewing.

Adia said "Monster come to tea party!" so I went and got Animal. I threw his head out from behind the door frame and asked in a monster voice, "You having tea party?"

There was a couple minutes of silence so I looked into the room. I saw color return to Adia's face as a smile replaced her terror-stricken-eyes.

I didn't mean to scare her.

It's hard to imagine that Animal coming to life and floating four feet off the ground is possible to her.

Random fact: Last time I was pregnant I made up a snack. You dip a banana in yogurt and eat. I called it the Freudian snack.


Sarah Jane said...

Proof interventions are successful

Rebecca said...

You and your child both have great imaginations. And you're both completely bizarre.

Holdinator said...

Animal was always my favorite.

Chrissy said...

said the drummer

whitney said...

Any kind of party where whole cookies are shoved in my mouth is my kind of party. When's the next one.

PS-your Freudian snack was so funny I had to read it out loud to (my) Spencer. He also laughed.

Chrissy said...

Oh I am glad your Spencer laughs at my jokes mine never does.

Raych said...

cookie monster would have loved your party